Vaccinations- North East is top

So we are doing something right in the North East-thats good news. Over 95.5% of children here have had their first MMR by their second birthday. Immunisation is such a controversial subject. Health professionals preach one thing and do another when it comes to their own views? So I ask how many of you have had your Flu vaccine? Technically just over 54.5% of health and social care staff have the vaccine. This has slightly increased from last years statistics but still not convincing. The fact is that we have a responsibility to our patients and our families to be protected. The BMA stated last year that all health care professional should be vaccinated against communicable infectious disease.

When it comes to childhood immunisation- another area that’s difficult for patients. Patients needs us as health care professionals to be able to discuss their anxieties and worries. Very often they worry most about MMR. The controversy surrounding the old autism debate still affects parents today. Sometimes parent fall out about it and its a difficult scenario for practice nurses to deal with. I advise its best to discuss this at home and not on the day of the vaccine.  Parents need to be decisive. We can’t make that decision for them. We give them the facts and recommendations and leave the rest to them. It can be  the most difficult  decision for them.

So we are getting something right in the North East and I like to think that our training programmes are contributing to some of this success.


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