Today I attended the Institute of Directors convention called “Game Changers” at the Royal Albert Hall London and what a great day.   It started out with a speech and interview with George Osborne speaking to us about the economy and it was resounding echoes of we are on the right path and things are getting better.

 Followed by Susan Sobbott from American Express who inspired us by taking about Small Business Saturday. This is an event that encourages customers to shop local and support their local communities. This year it’s December 6th 2014.

She spoke of the need to understand our clients, give our clients/customers what they want and treat our staff the way we would want to be treated. This was a resounding theme from most speakers.

There were 2 other speakers who stood out for me.

Jimmy Wales Founder of Wikipedia who was a true inspiration. He has transformed the way information is shared with his emphasis on transparency and openness. He spoke about a wiki project in Africa where the children of a local school wrote to their mobile Internet supplier to provide Wikipedia free of charge and they were successful.

 Travis Kalanick, co-founder of Uber technologies told us about how his affordable reliable transport service has expanded worldwide in just 4 years. Uber will find you a stylish personalized taxi service in under 4mins in London and you can track the taxi. It gives you a picture of the driver, his mobile number and car registration. It’s half the price of Addison Lee. I tried it tonight on the way home and I was not disappointed.

He spoke of how we will not be using our cars in big cities that we will be sharing “rides” and that it will be cheaper than running a car. Our cities will be places that are a pleasure to visit because car usage will reduce by over 50% therefore reducing our carbon footprint significantly,

Whether we like it or not we are in a digital technological revolution and I for one want to get involved. I love technology.

A truly wonderful day with some great speakers and I left feeling very inspired. There was one statement that stood out for me and it was this “ when there is uncertainty around it’s a good time to take a risk” When other people go right, take a left! I am heading left!

 Written By Annie Barr, MA, BSc Hon’s RGN, PGCert, INP,ANP, Clinical Director, Annie Barr Associates



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