Dementia a view from the other side part 2

Since the admission to the care home things have settled own. The care is great and the staff seem motivated and kind. I went to school with some of them so they know me. Life in the home for mum is pretty boring, she states she thinks it’s okay but wants to be home. One of the lovely things is that her memory is intact. She remembers everything. We visit every weekend and take her out and about. We have kept on her support worker who is wonderful and she visits 3 days a week and takes her out and about. My mums sister has been amazing throughout and I would not be able to carry on if it were not for her looking after my dad and visiting my mum. She is a treasure.

This week social services have decide to take my mums pension. Yes, they want her or me to contribute £400 per month for her care. This is a woman who was assessed for nursing care but has managed residential care this far. Its only because of her social support network that  this has been possible. No mention of this throughout the process from anyone. Just a letter to say by the way ‘blah blah blah’.  Written in May and received on July 29th! To say I am angry is an understatement. This department is completely dysfunctional and its impossible to get a straight answer. 

As a health professional it is always my goal to give the best care and service to any patient. When you are on the other side of the service it truly opens yours eyes. Social services are in such a mess and can’t seem to get anything right. My dad who was promised his own assessment in May is still waiting. He was deemed priority one!!  I know things will get better and I know that with all the care, love and kindness my mum and dad will be safe and live for many years. However, my plea in writing this is surely we can get systems and processes in place that will help families like mine to navigate the system effectively and efficiently enough to get the help that is so badly needed for people like my mum and dad. A one stop shop for social services a joined up thinking team who work together for good. I may add the CPN and Social worker in this situation have done the best they could at the time. 


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